Complete automation of e-mail marketing

Samba automatically designs e-mail campaigns and adds appropriate e-mail subject based on your customer's interests. It monitors the customer's behaviour, matches similar customers together and then creates a directly targeted campaign. Your e-mail marketing will fully operate without the hard work on your end.

Samba dashboard

E-mail template autodesign

Automatic design of e-mail template with addition of products. Samba builds the whole newsletter all alone. It automatically adds products, prices, descriptions and even special offers. Newsletters are fully responsive so they look great also on a tablet or a smart phone. There is no other app where you can create newsletter so visually professional with virtually no effort.

Samba dashboard
Samba dashboard

Readiness and planning of e-mail distribution

Plan your e-mail distribution in advance. Samba allows you to preset the date and time of email distribution for months ahead. The system finds matching customers to your campaigns and deliver your newsletters to them. You can of course send your campaigns whenever you need to.

Targeting, data analysis and segmentation

Based on algorithms and AI principles Samba finds the right customers to deliver your campaign to. When you decide what products you want to promote Samba automatically matches the right audience. This feature enables you to have accurately targeted e-mail marketing without the hassle of segmentation criteria setting.

Samba dashboard

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