Hello, we are samba.ai

We are the IT company behind the autonomous technology called Yottly, that manages online marketing for our clients. We believe, that not only artificial intelligence but also the computer's ability to make reasonable decisions will completely transform marketing industry as a whole. And we want to be actively involved.

Key people

David Samba.ai

David Vyskočil


David is the founder of the company and his main responsibilties within Samba are complete company strategy and businnes activities. He si very much involved in the creative proces and his decisions form not only the visual aspect of YOTTLY but also the direction of development. He studied CVUT - The Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies and worked 11 years for SAP managing data storages for companies like IBM, CGI, ABInbev ...across the whole Europe.

Michal Samba.ai

Michal Štěpánek


Michal studied Engineering mathematics at CVUT. He solved the burning issue of the many online store owners and marketing specialists: I have a huge amount of data, but don't know what to do with it? Michal writes smart algorithms, that automatically collect data, evaluate them, create campaigns and personalize online stores to match customer's needs.

Tomáš Samba.ai

Tomáš Staněk


Tomas's main responsibility is the design of the architecture and the core development of Samba. His interests are low-latent distributed systems, which process huge numbers of data in real time. He studied theoretical informatics on The Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies in Brno and he created still unconquered method of functional languages optimization.

Erik Samba.ai

Erik Dung

Lead Developer

Erik studied informatics and statistics on the University of Economy in Prague. His main responsibility is to ensure, that customers enjoy using Samba. He is working hard to create clear and user friendly environment that is easy to use. Erik know how to easily introduce the complicated technologies to our end customers.

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