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Samba is an amazing tool fully driven by A. I. technology that manages online marketing for online stores automatically. It significantly boosts the sales by displaying appropriate products to the right audience in e-mailing and web personalization.

Samba dashboard Samba dashboard

Perfect e-mail marketing in 180 seconds

Samba eliminated tiresome and boring practises in e-mail marketing. It is easy to forget the time wasted with e-mailing creation. It is also easy not to annoy your customers anymore with bulk newsletters. Samba uses algorithms to manage all of that so you can send 9 campaigns at once in a flash.

We haven't sent not one bulk newsletter in months but we still manage to have high performance e-mail marketing.

Kubíček Michal Kubíček, Světcukrářů.cz

Samba dashboard Samba dashboard

Personalization - display exactly what customers want to see

Customers usually view 4 pages before they leave your online store. And when they leave, they typically make purchase somewhere else. To make sure that the customers won't leave and quickly find what they are looking for, Samba displays products to match their interests or appropriate alternatives to boost the engagement.

Samba personalization on our online store increased our revenue by 17 %

Kubíček Petr Matoušek, Veselézvíř

Samba dashboard Samba dashboard
Samba dashboard

Smarter selling

Use all the customer's data with elegance and style

Let others pay thousands to marketing specialists or spend hundreds of hours doing hard but worhtless work, while you delegate all that to a self learning system, that will work for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Samba dashboard

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